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List of Ichinoseki Summer Festivals 2023

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

1. Iwai River Fireworks

When: August 4th

Where: along the bank of the Iwai River in Ichinoseki

Start time: around 7pm

Cost: Free

2. Ichinoseki Summer Festival

Tanabata decorations, dancing, omikoshi, taiko drums! Day 1 (August 4th): Fireworks at Iwai River

Day 2 (August 5th): Kurukuru dance, taiko drums, mikoshi, samba contest, street food

Day 3 (August 6th): Mikoshi, festivities - and more

Where: mainly at Omachi, Ichinoseki


3.Fujisawa Noyaki (field burning) Festival

An event to celebrate Jomon-style pottery.

Watch as the night is lit up by a scorching pillar of flames and experience jomon-style foods. Pottery works are baked in kilns throughout the night and judged the next morning. Who will win this grand prize this year?

When: TBA (crowd-funding underway)

Where : Fujisawa Undo Park 藤沢運動広場

Cost:free Link:

4. Surisawa Crystal Andon Festival

For three nights, 400 beautiful andon lanterns will light up the streets of Surisawa.

When: August 13~15 (18:00~21:00)

Where: Surisawa Station to Surisawa shopping street/arcade (摺沢商店街)

5. Kawasaki Summer Festival and fireworks extravaganza!

Probably one of, if not THE biggest fireworks show in Iwate!

When: August 16th

Where: Kawasaki town, along the bank of the Kitakami River, beside the Kawasaki big bridge. Start time (for fireworks): 7pm

Cost: free (event parking costs separate)

Link: ***people come from ALL over for this event, so it gets pretty busy! Suggest getting there early to enjoy the festival and also to secure a good spot!

6. ......And of course, the Ichinoseki National Craft Beer Festival !

Be a part of one of the biggest beer festivals in Japan! There will be a selection of hundreds of craft beers from Iwate and all over Japan!

When: August 18th to 20th

Where: in front of the Ichinoseki Culture Center and library

Cost: entry is free, but a batch of tickets are about 2000 yen (pre-sale tickets can be purchased at places like Ichiba (一BA)outside of the west exit of Ichinoseki Station).

Start times: 8/18: 14:00~20:00 8/19: 11:00~20:00 8/20: 11:00 ~18:00 Link:


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