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    Getting around Ichinoseki and Hiraizumi using public transport

Getting up here by bullet train is a walk in the park, but getting from the station to your desired destination, may take a little more effort and planning if you don't have a car. There are plenty of car rental companies in Ichinoseki if you fancy going on a drive around countryside Japan. You can find the list of phone numbers and homepages here.

I have uploaded the bus/train schedules for the major attractions in the area which can be found below the map.

Some tips on planning travel: Ichinoseki covers a large area. To give you an idea of where the major tourism destinations are, check out the map below. I will also list how long you might generally like to spend at each major tourist destination.


General time spent per destination:

Geibikei (boat): 2hrs~3hrs

Chusonji: ~2hrs 

Motsuji: <1hr

Takkoku no Iwaya <1hr

Genbikei: ~1hr (depends on whether you eat dango)

Sukawa (Mt. Kurikoma): A half to a whole day

一関市内 地図 支所入り.png

Bus/train schedules 2023

*It's best to confirm the times as they may be subject to change, with the Ichinoseki Tourism Information Center located in front of the west exit of the JR Ichinoseki Station and right where all the bus stops are too!
*Feel free to download but please refrain from distributing/re-uploading
(sorry page 1 and 2 for both documents are switched)

Bus/train TT 2023 April ~ Present 

If you need anything before your set off, make sure to check into the Ichinoseki Tourism Information Center. Here you will find maps, brochures and multilingual pamphlets (with audio) and luggage services. Don't hesitate to ask any questions to the friendly staff (English and Chinese speaking staff are available).

Happy travels~

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