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Kakko-ya at Genbikei  

Updated: May 17, 2021


Overlook stunning Genbikei Gorge as you devour some delicious dango at Kakko-ya.

Autumn colours at kakkoya

'Flying dango' is one of the main attractions of Genbikei. Most people will order dango by requesting them at the base end of the gorge (check out how to in the Genbikei article), but you can also access the same dango by walking up to the shop that sends them flying over! It is usually pretty quiet at the shop end, the perfect atmosphere for a relax and to take in the view.

Black Sesame flavour is my favourite if you can tell :P

There are three flavors of dango ↓

Koshian: red bean jam

Mitarashi: sweet soy

Kurogoma: black sesame (in comes in a paste form)


Address: Takinoue-211 Genbicho, Ichinoseki, Iwate Prefecture

Open: Everyday, 9am to 4pm

EXCEPT during winter months

Phone: 0191292031


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