The Ichinoseki-Hiraizumi Hot Air Balloon Festival 2020

Updated: Jun 1

The Hot Air Balloon Honda Grand Prix is one of the hottest hot air balloon competitions in Japan! Top pilots gather to take to the Tohoku sky.

[Competition flight] 16th (Friday), 17th (Saturday) 6: 30 ~, 14: 45 ~

18th (Sun) 6: 30 ~

[Balloon Illusion] 17th (Sat) 18: 00-18: 30 (for venue, check the end of the article)

This year, as a countermeasure against COVID-19, the city will only be hosting the competition flights and Balloon Illusion event. Persons involved, such as pilots and staff will be taking measures against the novel coronavirus, such as through thorough physical management including temperature measurement starting from two weeks prior to the event.

The competition flights will also be held without spectators, so please look up at the sky if you are around the area and enjoy the world of hot air balloons.

At the balloon illusion event on the 17th (Sat), the burners will be lit or extinguished in time with music, magically illuminating the balloons at night. Fireworks will also be set off. (The balloons will be stationed next to the river, and not afloat if you are thinking that fireworks and hot air balloons are a dangerous mix)

* Scheduled events are subject to change depending on the weather conditions (rainy weather / strong wind).


Where: 1) Competition start/end, hot air balloon classes 一関水辺プラザ

2) Balloon Illusion - illumination event (along the Iwai River near here, this is the only place I could find a pin on Google! As there is no parking for the event, I suggest parking at Ichinoseki City Hall and walking over)

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