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Tsuriyama Park

Updated: May 17, 2021


A peaceful park in the middle of Ichinoseki City. Tsuriyama Park is famed for its beautiful cherry blossoms and brilliant autumn colors. There is a cherry blossom light up event in mid to late April, as well as a light up event during peak autumn foliage (last year it was around early November).

Tsuriyama Park is a gem of a spot to view the Ichinoseki Summer Festival fireworks.

The park is on a hillside and overlooks the city, surrounding mountains and Iwai River. On the hike up there are open areas, a shrine and tori gate, monuments, play equipment and a Japanese style garden. Amenities include toilets and benches.

The park is around a 10min walk from Ichinoseki Station.

Address: 岩手県一関市字釣山地内


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