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Polano - Gelato!

Updated: Dec 20, 2021


Take a break at the cute little road-side gelato shop in Genbi, Ichinoseki!

Choose from 20 flavors of gelato at any season.

The milk is sourced from Iwate Prefecture and the ingredients change seasonally.

I went during the summer and some of the flavors were: cream cheese, chocolate chip, fruit mix, strawberry marble, chocolate, vanilla, rum raisin, kiwi, blueberry, rhubarb and tofu!

Seasonal summer flavors!

I asked for the most recommended flavor, which was blueberry. I loved the fluffy, light, smooth texture - the flavor of the blueberry was incredibly refreshing, a perfect balance between sweetness and tartness. As I'm new to blogging, I ate some of my gelato before taking a picture...sorry! I promise it's bigger than this!

*Update: I went back in winter and bought a double cone (350yen). I tried some flavors that I hadn't seen before at this shop.

On the left is apple, and on the right is chocolate nuts

*Update no.2: There is an apple juice vending machine outside of the shop at the entrance of the car-park. Pay 300yen for TWO bottles of locally squeezed apple juice.


Phone number: 0191-39-2272

Business hours: 10am - 5pm

Open everyday except for New Year's holidays.

Address: Ichinoseki City Nami Machi Town 178-3

一関市厳美町字入道178-3 (in Japanese)


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