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Organic Restaurant Tills

Updated: 4 days ago

Nestled in the rolling hills of Ark Tategamori Farm, Ichinoseki, is Tills, an organic buffet-style eatery. It's the first accredited organic restaurant in the Tohoku region and remains one of the few in all of Japan. Tills, which has recently undergone renovations, has a roomy ambience with a wooden interior featuring wide glass windows overlooking their immaculately kept grounds. Indulge in a hearty spread made from carefully nurtured ingredients grown on their fertile land. My personal recommendations are the spaghetti bolognaise, omelet, breads, and pudding (sorry, only this is limited to one per person). But you can try everything, so go ham!

Here is an introduction to some of the amazing produce used in their dishes:

Tategamori Ark Farm is renowned for its pork. Juicy and tender, its flavorful fat comes from the pigs raised on a careful diet to ensure both its excellent taste and the health of its customers. Utilizing this same pork, the farm also creates award-winning ham and sausage under the expert guidance of a sausage specialist from Germany. When we think about sausages and hams, we may be wary of additives and preservatives, but Ark Tategamori's brand is free of preservatives, coloring agents, binding agents, and umami spices, which is very rare and difficult to imitate. The eggs are yet another well-liked offering from Ark Farm. The original feed mixture combined with herbs is fed to the free-range hens that are raised without the use of antibiotics.

I've enjoyed a meal here on more than a few occasions, and I never get tired of the variety. I consider myself fortunate to have access to produce of such quality at a reasonable price. Being a big eater—my record of 130 bowls of wanko-soba attests to that—I love the all-you-can-eat aspect.

As mentioned earlier, the restaurant is located at Ark Tategamori Farm. Now, when locals talk of Ark Tategamori, it’s either about the produce or the enchanting flower gardens. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

The most popular times to visit are in April, May, when the tulips are in bloom, and June for their lavender. Yumemigaoka Garden and Nijigaoka Garden are the most visited of the many gardens. Given the size of the area, you can visit all the major areas on their private bus. However, if you have time, you can stroll through the gardens and explore some of the lesser-known spots, like the rows of Magnolia trees. Next year, I hope to visit the corridor of Yae-Zakura trees, or double-petaled cherry blossoms.I highly recommend the farm to families with young children, as there are animal petting areas and parks.

There's much more to this farm, such as the experiences and events. But for the time being, I'll stop at the farmer's market, where they sell their products, which include breads, eggs, veggies, cured meats, cuts of meat, and much more. Actually, I lied; there's one more thing. The soft-serve ice cream sold at Welcome Shop Kinomi...Wow, it's good. You must give it a try!

For all Ark Tategamori Farm information, please visit their page (EN):


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