What can you do around Ichinoseki Station?

Updated: Mar 23

Perhaps you have a few hours to kill around Ichinoseki Station and want to venture around. Here are some suggestions, walk-able from the station! Scroll down for a map of recommended restaurants and sightseeing spots.

A beautiful little area within a 15min walk of the station. I highly recommend you check this place out during cherry blossom season and during autumn when the leave change. Tsuriyama Park also has some lovely views of the city.

About a 10-15min walk from Ichinoseki Station. Perhaps the place that puts Ichinoseki on the map. This is one of Japan's most famous jazz bars. Acclaimed musicians from all over the world come to perform here and many visit to listen to the world-class sound system.

Try Ichinoseki's famous mochi cuisine, or some of their esteemed sake and beers at the restaurant. There's also a cafe, museum and shop.

  • Visit a cafe/restaurant

  • Visit the library/culture center

They are both within the same vicinity of each other. Free WiFi, air conditioning, lots of seating areas. The library's cafe (Cafe Journal) is also a nice place to chill. The coffee there is highly regarded; the owner had studied coffee in Australia for a few years.


Here's a map of some of the popular places to dine in Ichinoseki as well as some sightseeing spots. Colour index: Restaurants, Cafe, Sightseeing, Important Places

If you'd like to know more about the tourism in the area, check this place out.


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