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Top 3 Waterfalls of Ichinoseki

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

The information and photos for this article were provided by Ryohei Endo of Tohoku-charm Refer to his site for the full English articles; 1) Koguro Falls

2) Fujitsubo Falls 3) Kirigo Falls Ichinoseki has many scenic hidden gems to peacefully enjoy. Here are some wonderful waterfalls in the area that I've compiled with help from our local reporter, Ryohei!

1) Koguro Falls 小黒滝

“Koguro Falls“ is a waterfall amidst the mountains of Daito where you can surround yourself in the calm of nature. Koguro Falls is a waterfall that is divided into Otaki and Metaki. Each season uniquely exemplifies its beauty. The rainy season in summer brings about a more powerful water flow, spring offers a gorgeous floral feast of cherry blossoms, autumn displays incredible autumn foliage, and in winter, the snow decorates the waterfall's surroundings - but it's probably safest to not venture into an unfamiliar mountains during this time.

2) Fujitsubo Falls 藤壺の滝

Many historical sites related to Fujiwara Oshu clan remain in the Yanomori district, ​​Higashiyama, Ichinoseki. Among them, eight important historical sites are known as “Yanomori Hakkei”and Fujitsubo Falls is one of them. ‘Fuji’ in ‘Fujitsubo’ means ‘wisteria’, which bloom in the areas around the waterfall in June. Fujitsubo Falls is the remains of a gold mine related to Hidehira Fujiwara. The tunnel that is said to have been use to excavate gold is left of the waterfall.

3) Kirigo Falls 霧後滝

Within a 5 minute drive (or 40 minute hike) of one of Ichinoseki's top tourist spots Genbikei, is Kirigo Falls. The former lord of Ichinoseki, Tatsuaki Tamura, was fond of this place and often held banquets here. The waterfall is located in the water Sougo Waterfall Park. This park is facing the road, but it may be a little hard to find.


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