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Tategamori Ark Farm, where food is life

Updated: Jun 6


Situated atop the hills of Fujisawa, this magnificent farm has a striking resemblance to the outskirts of Munich, as noted by German charcutier Jurgen Schmidt.

In 1975, Ark Tategamori Farm's founder, pig farmer Teruo Hashimoto, relocated from Saitama to Fujisawa, Iwate, which is now a part of Ichinoseki City. His farm began selling hams and sausages produced from its own pork in 1985. Since producing processed pork was uncharted territory, equipment was brought from Germany to actualize additive-free goods utilizing natural and traditional processes. Additionally, production methods were taught by Jurgen Schmidt, who was mentioned earlier.

The national government commenced agricultural development in Fujisawa, and this was when Hashimoto embarked on large-scale crop farming. He went abroad, adopting advanced techniques of agriculture, and wished to create a farmer's market, taking inspiration from those in Britain.

Ark Tategamori Farm opened in 1992 and features a herb garden, a market that showcasing the entire range of products produced on the farm as well as local specialties of Fujisawa, expansive floral expanses and gardens, a barbecue terrace, animal viewing and petting areas, and endless pastures that are home to free-roaming deer, sheep, and free-range chickens. Considering how big the grounds are, I advise driving or taking the free bus. Some choose to walk, taking in the sights and fragrances (of flowers).

The farm has made an impressive commitment to making additive-free and organic produce. I personally had never heard of additive-free sausages and ham before. The general manager informed me of the difficulties and the high-level techniques involved in the production of their processed meat. Tategamori Kogen Pork, a renowned brand that is sold at high-end department stores such as Takeshimaya, is served when you fly first class on Japan Airlines, and their pork-loin ranked first on Otoriyose Net, one of the largest Japanese online food outlets.

Equally impressive is their profound dedication toward environmental sustainability. Transforming the virgin soil to that of high nutrients by cultivating compost from their pig manure and using vegetable scraps from the restaurant, impeccable maintenance by the staff such as weeding, and pledging to plant 210,000 trees by the 21st century are some of the ways that sustainable, chemical-free, organic farming is being undertaken at Ark Tategamori Farm. *Ark Tategamori completed a huge renovation in 2023, so some pictures in this article are outdated.



Business hours: 10am to 6pm 

【Winter (Jan~Mar)】10am to 5pm

Business holidays: Jan 30 to Jan 3rd

Phone number 0191-63-5100

Homepage: *Pictures used in this article are with special permission from Tategamori Ark Farm.


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