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Shinyu Onsen Center

Ichinoseki is the second largest city in Iwate Prefecture, both in area and population. It’s at the center of economy, culture and education of Southern Iwate and Northern Miyagi and functions as a hub of Central Tohoku. Adjacent to Miyagi and Akita prefecture, the city is home to tourist destinations such as Mount Kurikoma which spans across 3 prefectures, scenic spots such as Geibikei and Genbikei, Ichinoseki hot springs among others. Ichinoseki connects tourists to Hiraizumi, a world heritage town and the Sanriku area. The city is blessed with abundant nature that transforms from season to season. The Kitakami Highlands are the candidate site of the large scale research facility, the International Linear Collider (ILC)*. The Kitakami Highlands, runs through Ichinoseki with the independent peak, Mount Murone dominating the skyline. 


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