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Welcome to Ichinoseki-life! We’d love to tell you about all the wonderful things you can see and do in this beautiful, untouched, pocket of the Tohoku Region. This site is managed by the Internationalization Coordinator of Ichinoseki and involves guest writers from time to time who help make this project possible. Let's discover the charms of the city together. 

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Summer Geibikei

Hi! I'm Aimi, the internationalization coordinator of Ichinoseki City.

Since moving to Ichinoseki, I have experienced some of the most incredible scenery, hospitality and festivals and felt that these discoveries were too good not to share. My aim is to get more information out there about Ichinoseki as it's a relatively unknown place - despite the fact it's in a very accessible part of Japan, and located right next to the historically rich and beautiful World Heritage site, Hiraizumi! If you have any questions, feel free to message me through the contact form. 

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Hello! I'm Ryohei, your local guest writer! My name is a little difficult to pronounce, so please call me Ryo for short. Ichinoseki is my hometown, so I have a lot of great memories here. There are a lot of wonderful things in Ichinoseki: the people, culture, history, food, nature, festivals, and much more, but many of these wonders are not yet well known. I will introduce them so that many people can know more about Ichinoseki. It’d make me very happy to have people become a fan of Ichinoseki. Let's discover the charms of Ichinoseki together!


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