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Ichinoseki Life is your go-to source for discovering all the unique attractions and activities that Ichinoseki has to offer. From cultural festivals to traditional food, we provide you with an insider's look at the local life and customs of this hidden gem. Our mission is to provide an authentic, immersive experience, so come join us and explore the wonders of Ichinoseki. The content is managed by the International Coordinator of Ichinoseki City, and is owned by the Ichinoseki Tourism Association. 

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Summer Geibikei

Hi, I'm Aimi, the internationalization coordinator of Ichinoseki CIty and I'm here to share with you all the amazing things I've discovered since moving here. From incredible scenery to hospitable locals and lively festivals, Ichinoseki has so much to offer - come and explore it with me. 

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Hello! I'm Ryohei, your local guest writer! My name is a little difficult to pronounce, so please call me Ryo for short. Ichinoseki is my hometown, so I have a lot of great memories here. There are a lot of wonderful things in Ichinoseki: the people, culture, history, food, nature, festivals, and much more, but many of these wonders are not yet well known. I will introduce them so that many people can know more about Ichinoseki. It’d make me very happy to have people become a fan of Ichinoseki. Let's discover the charms of Ichinoseki together!


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