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The Ichinoseki-Hiraizumi Hot Air Balloon Festival 2023

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

The Hot Air Balloon Honda Grand Prix is one of the hottest hot air balloon competitions in Japan! Top pilots gather to take to the Tohoku sky.

Competition flights October 13th (Friday) :7:00~16:00, 14th (Saturday): 7: 00~16:00,

15th (Sun): 7:00 ~ 11:00 Oct 14th (Saturday): Balloon Illusion (night event) 18:00~18:30

This tournament, which started as an initiative to aid in the recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake disaster, has become an annual event and is the only full-scale hot air balloon competition in all of Tohoku. The unique and varied terrain of the vast countryside, which includes mountainous areas with small hills, and airspace of up to 8,000 feet attracts national and international champions.

This year, various events will be held at the venue, including hot air balloon mooring boarding and stage events at Mizube Plaza (一関水辺プラザ).

Enjoy the 30 scheduled balloons by looking up at the Ichinoseki city/Hiraizumi sky while you are in the general area.

*Scheduled events are subject to change depending on the weather conditions (rainy weather/strong wind).



Where: 1) Competition start/end 一関水辺プラザ

Homepage (JP): Ichinonoseki Tourist Division (JP): 0191-21-8413


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