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Co-ba Ichinoseki [Ichiba]

Updated: May 17, 2021


Ichiba works to revitalize the region and operates in Ichinoseki (DMO) and Hiraizumi. This space was created for people to gather and use as a co-working space and is aimed at tourists, regional trading companies and property sales markets. Ichiba has many resources about the Ichinoseki/Hiraizumi area and has a part time hire who is multilingual (Chinese, Malay, English, Japanese) so make sure to stop by some time as it's right in front of Ichinoseki Train station's west exit!

If you would like to get your hands on some special souvenirs, they have a lovely little selection. For an extensive Ichinoseki souvenir guide, check this out!

For upcoming events or rental space, visit their homepage:

Details Address 住所岩手県一関市上大槻街1-5電話番号 Open: everyday except Tuesday

Hours: 9:30~18:00

Tel: 0191-48-3838



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